I will search in the silence for your hiding place

These “Limited Edition” images are blended from multiple photos using a variety of techniques including intentional camera

sleeping with shadows

Hypnagogic hallucinations are imaginary events that seem real. They occur just as you are about to fall asleep. Usually, these

we are all one

See with the head, shoot with the heart. A few years ago, I went into a studio with Joanne. We shot hundreds of photos loosely

a flash of fallen leaves

Another photo from an ongoing project where I shoot scenes from a moving car. Sounds like the name of a movie – Scenes f

beyond and inbetween

Your photography should make you happy – it should always be fun. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – make th

i feel you all around me.

Social media influencers and your photography/art. If no one saw your photography, how would that change you as a photographer


Everyone has a secret sorrow that the world doesn’t know about and sometimes we call that person cold when all they are, is


Even if a million pictures of you exist. A million pictures that record the history of you and all you do. There is none other

garden memories

Wildflowers from the garden, photographed and layered in Photoshop. Imperfections abound, but nature celebrates them. Let̵

venus rising

As we “hopefully” begin to exit the Covid19 pandemic, will we now be more mindful of what we take from Mother Eart

where were you the day everything changed?

It was back in March 2020 that news started to filter through about Covid19. Little did we know then what the next 12-18 month

the mall – castlebar

A photo from an ongoing project where I shoot scenes from a moving car. No, I am not driving the car at the time. Throw in a l

the burning bush

I went to the coast to shoot the mountain. There was a bush with yellow flowers at the edge of the sea. The sun was setting be

footsteps departing

Another one of my linear abstract works. I could try and write some mumbo jumbo art shit about this but the truth is, it’

indistinct conversations

Apparently, these days we are more connected to each other than ever before. The internet and mobile phones ensure that, 24/7

the sun comes to everyone

It’s April and here in Ireland, autumnal colours are never that far away. On some evenings, like this evening, when the

the will of wild birds

I like the birds – when things get shit, they can just fly away.

inbetween days

Photography is a funny game. You learn the rules, the settings and the techniques, then go out, point the camera and take the

looking back

Up to recently, my ICM work followed a tried and tested path. The result was usually a painterly style that retained some rese

la mamma morte

In the end, all we will have will be our memories … and eventually they too will fade.