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Being Wendy Kennett

This month on Art of the Blur, we talk to Wendy Kennett. Wendy grew up in Faversham, Kent and has owned some form…


Fragments of Memory

I visited this place only two times ever. The first time was many years ago when I attended the wedding of a friend…
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Photo Cropping in Lightroom

For me, photo cropping in Lightroom is one of the most important edits you can do to improve your images. I've written before about my editing process in Lightroom and also covered a little about black and white conversion. But in this…

5 habits togs should develop

Ok, here's my two cents on some habits that all photographers should develop. Beginner shooters may find it easier to assimilate these as more experienced shooters will already know them or have developed their own habits. On my workshops,…

Meet the Artist – Sam Stapleton

This month on Art of the Blur, we talk to Sam Stapleton. Sam has been wowing us with his beautiful flowers in ice imagery and much more for the last few months. Here. he talks to us about what he sees, how he interprets what he sees and…

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