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Sony A7R iii – Six months on

This is not a technical review of the Sony A7R iii. It is a collection of thoughts and observations gathered over the last few months that I have been using it. During that time, I have shot social functions, some sporting events, family shots, corporate headshots, landscape, portraits and personal work. I spent some time

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Love of imperfection extends to the weather

Janet Broughton is a creative photographer and lives in the north of England. She likes open spaces, black coffee, colourful shoes, getting lost in a good book, foggy days, frosty mornings, meeting people and learning new stuff. Janet also runs courses and workshops and you can find out more about these on her website Definitely

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Photography as art is what interests me most

Stephanie Johnson is from Iowa and has been shooting for some years. She describes herself as “a free and adventurous spirit who loves landscape photography, the written word, and the natural world.” Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us, Stephanie – AotB. AotB. How did you first develop an interest in photography

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