footsteps departing

Another one of my linear abstract works. I could try and write some mumbo jumbo art shit about this but the truth is, it’s a totally random piece….

indistinct conversations

Apparently, these days we are more connected to each other than ever before. The internet and mobile phones ensure that, 24/7 we can keep up with each other’s…

the sun comes to everyone

It’s April and here in Ireland, autumnal colours are never that far away. On some evenings, like this evening, when the sun shines a certain way, and the…

the will of wild birds

I like the birds – when things get shit, they can just fly away.

inbetween days

Photography is a funny game. You learn the rules, the settings and the techniques, then go out, point the camera and take the photo and get the shot…

looking back

Up to recently, my ICM work followed a tried and tested path. The result was usually a painterly style that retained some resemblance to what I was actually…

la mamma morte

In the end, all we will have will be our memories … and eventually they too will fade.

we are silent

We all live in our own space and time. Occasionally, we meet and thats when great things can happen.

the distant hours

Art belongs to us all. It does not belong to the experts, the organisations or the artists.  We all make the art. It is not what you were taught,…

meeting at the river

Being a commercial photographer requires you to shoot well exposed, sharp images – this is an accepted industry norm. Some photoshoots may allow for a little personal interpretation…