Escape from Gaia #l

Just before dawn,
alone in a tiny boat
I sail upon the silvery veil
‘neath the morning skies.

The spirit sleeps
and drifts into slumber deep.
An oar slips from a weary hand
as it touches softly the ocean’s breast.

My silent journey takes me onward
as it ebbs and flows
over hidden vales and unscaled heights
and leads me through the dead of night.
A gentle lapping wakes me from my sweet repose
and there upon the murmuring waves
all majestic and alone
it rises from the lonely ocean.

A brief glimpse,
an unfamiliar yet welcome sight,
she lifts her stately head
appearing – disappearing.
And all this while I lay
dissolved amid the sky and water
that blend in such euphonious union
and bathe me in quiet serenity.

For that peaceful soul
that settled on the sea,
time and breath suspends
the beating of the heart.

Close the circle and gather in
all those light kisses,
those tight embraces,
those loves and lives again.
Leave what was behind
and return in time
to the morning light that shone so bright
at the break of day.

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