Fragments of Memory

I visited this place only two times ever. The first time was many years ago when I attended the wedding of a friend there. The carpet was blue and the walls were red and the place looked pretty grand.

I remember the car broke down on the way but a youthful “couldn’t care less” attitude got us there in the end. We danced – badly, smoked – way too much, sang – also badly, and drank – also way too much, but it was a good night/day/weekend.

The second time I visited it was during this summer. We were driving along when all of a sudden it loomed large on the side of the road. We weren’t expecting it. Underneath the years of neglect and encroaching nature, lay that place where we had drank, sang, etc, etc.

Camera in hand, I squelched over the moss-covered drive and wandered around until I found an open entrance. I went in and took lots of photos. These are a few of them. The carpet was still blue and the walls were still red – sort of.

It had obviously been visited by youthful people where they also drank, sang, smoked and maybe even danced.

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