We had arrived at the coast. After a day that remained dry and partly cloudy, it was now getting overcast and dull. The weather was moving in from the Atlantic and those on the workshop were preparing for the end of their days’ photography.

But, I had other plans. It was time to play with our photography, it was time to have fun and do silly things, to try, to fail and sometimes to succeed.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

person on the beach
Ditch the tripod

Yep, ditch that damned tripod. Forget about aperture and sharpness. Get out that 6 stop filter or even the 10 stopper. And move – slow or fast – it’s your choice.

We are looking to capture the essence of the coast and the sea and want to convey a sense of time and motion. You don’t need a person in the shot but I think it works pretty good if you do include one. Be prepared to model yourself.

Look for a person

I took these photos when most photographers would have packed up and gone home. They were processed in Adobe Lightroom. I increased the exposure slider until I liked what I saw and used the radial filter to enhance the light in certain parts of the image.

All were shot on a Nikon D800 with the 24-70mm, F2.8 lens. I also used a Lee 6 stopper filter and a Lee .9 ND graduated filter to hold back the sky. All were shot at F6.5, 3 seconds exposure and ISO 320. But as we know, the settings don’t really matter.

Final thoughts

Great images can be got in a variety of different ways and using many techniques. You can even invent your own techniques. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you should not do this or that – that you must shoot using certain rules and regulations. Photography is all about self-expression and you should always put that and your enjoyment first. Only then, you can go on to develop your own style.
Anyway, thanks for reading this far. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to attend a workshop or to know more about this style of photography.