Up to recently, my ICM work followed a tried and tested path. The result was usually a painterly style that retained some resemblance to what I was actually shooting. It was and still is enjoyable. But after a while of using the same technique, your images and style can stagnate.

As photographers/artists (I’m not comfortable with the “artist” word but I do think that photography can be an art) there’s an intense desire to evolve, produce and grow.

So lately, I’ve been experimenting with new techniques. The results are much more abstract and it may look like I dropped a bunch of coloured pixels onto the screen after a few too many glasses of wine. However, each of these images take lots of time, tonnes of shots and many brain cells before completion. There’s also a thought process/theme in there.

Whether they’re any good or not, I don’t know but for me, they feel right.