Plumeria Inside the Waterdrop – Workflow

Karya Setia with cameraOver the last few months, we’ve been enjoying the work of Karya Setia. A lot of the work is produced using a Helicon FB Tube that allows you to capture very sharp and detailed macro images. Here. Karya guides us through how he shot the Yellowish White Plumeria inside the Waterdrop.
At the end of this article, you can see some more of his work. Thanks, Karya for sharing your technique – I’m sure it will be helpful for those members that may want to try it out.

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yellow flower close up by Karya Setia

Equipment Used
Canon EOS 50D with Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L lens. Helicon FB Tube. Manfrotto 190XPROB with a Really Right Stuff ball head – BH-55, Canon RS-80N3 intervalometer, Wimberley The Plamp II, syringe, lab wooden clip, plant with little hairs – I used the passionflower plant.


  • Clip the plant using the lab wooden clip. set up for macro photo
  • Clip the flower using the plamp.
  • Inject the water drops to the plant.
  • Position the flower by moving the plamp forward or backward, to the left or to the right so that you can see the flower inside the waterdrops.
  • Position your Camera from the same angle so that you can see the flower inside the waterdrops.
  • Recompose the image.

Camera Setting

The goal is to get a tack-sharp yellowish white plumeria inside the waterdrops.

  • Use Av mode for the Camera Setting and use an f/stop number that will result in blurry plumeria. I used f/3.2, 0.5 second exposure time and ISO 100.
  • I set f/3.2 for the Helicon FB Tube application on my Handphone and make it sync with the Helicon FB Tube on the lens.
  • I rotate the focusing ring to determine the endpoint and mark it on the lens focus distance meter.
  • I rotate the focusing ring again to determine the starting point and I press the lock button on the intervalometer to trigger the Helicon FB Tube to start the automated shots.
  • I will release the intervalometer lock if the shot reaches the endpoint.


Post Processing

I use Lightroom, Photoshop, and Luminar 2018 to edit the final image.

Macro photo of flowers Macro photo of flowers Macro photo of flowers Macro photo of flowers

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